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This talk illustrates why #IoT data privacy is vital and needs to be in the individual's hands not companies

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This talk at GigaOmLive illustrates why Internet of Things (#IoT) data privacy is vital with the control and flow of the data these devices produce needs to be under the individual's control not just free flooding to companies.

Where (at 5:06) they're casually talk about 'The Voice of the Product' - What they're actually saying is that the thing you purchase and put in your home spends its time reporting back to the maker, delivering data connected to you and how you're using their product.

Unsurprisingly the Xively boss, Michael Simon, says 'The Voice of the Product', "Creates value where companies could never imagine." Darn right - they're find out loads about you, to then sell to other companies and work out what else they can sell to you.