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A re-born blogger?


Twitter's @Fabric looks like an interesting shift: Attempting to own Mobile

1 min read

(Summary of my Tweets, plus a bit)

Big strategic shift for Twitter. How they hope to become the Fabric of all Mobile Apps by giving easy to use tools to developers.

Twitter's @Fabric four areas: Mobile Analytics, Ads and Twitter function. Actually creates code in Android development.

Also Digits - Sign up for any mobile app using your phone number, not your email. Helpful overseas where many don't have email.

All of the tools are free, with the obvious upside for Twitter - Dollars from MoPub ads and loads of mobile analytics data.

Challenge: Rebuilding trust of developers

Of course, one of the biggest challenge for Twitter and is to regain developer trust - shattered by Twitter previously by getting them to develop Apps to help Twitter grown, then to launch their own to crush developer's work.

More info on Twitter's @Fabric

Fabric's own info | Twitter's own summary of Fabric functions | Wired on Fabric


This talk illustrates why #IoT data privacy is vital and needs to be in the individual's hands not companies

1 min read

This talk at GigaOmLive illustrates why Internet of Things (#IoT) data privacy is vital with the control and flow of the data these devices produce needs to be under the individual's control not just free flooding to companies.

Where (at 5:06) they're casually talk about 'The Voice of the Product' - What they're actually saying is that the thing you purchase and put in your home spends its time reporting back to the maker, delivering data connected to you and how you're using their product.

Unsurprisingly the Xively boss, Michael Simon, says 'The Voice of the Product', "Creates value where companies could never imagine." Darn right - they're find out loads about you, to then sell to other companies and work out what else they can sell to you.


Live Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights chat

1 min read

I've been doing some work with Southampton Uni on their Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights MOOC.

Yesterday we did a live chat using Google Hangouts. Lots of good and interesting points from some top practitioners and academic. The video is live for you to catch up on


Crowd-funding #hyperlocal: Considering the funder's 'Entitlement' question

2 min read

I saw BrixtonBlog's Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign today. 

I think they've hit exactly the right note  - especially liked the tone and cut of the video.

Wishing them very best with it. 

I'm not wanting to cast a shadow over it in any way, as I know they do good work.

The Entitlement question

It does raise what I think might be an interesting discussion point - a point that Sally had brought up about crowd-funding, when we'd been discussing at OnTheWight - How much entitlement might those who donate feel that they have over the publication?

Our (frankly rather strange) experience in the past has pointed to this as a possibility. It's happened a few times - by individuals or a business or two.

One real-world example

One case - an individual had given us a tenner (yes you read that right), then started to write to us attempting to steer our editorial policy, feeling he had the right as he was 'supporting' us. He had, to that point (and since, mostly), seemed quite a sane and reasonable person.

Obviously he had chance in directing us, but to underline the point we took the decision to refund his money.

Cross-fingers this won't happen with BrixtonBlog, but for hyperlocals it worth considering how can this be avoided and planned around.


My general rule to a happy @Wordpress life. Never upgrade to a version x.0, there's always a x.01 to follow shortly. Proven again with 4.01


What are you doing for the next ten hours? Lama song?


You're doing something right when =>1 political party constantly refers to 'an online site' instead of your publication name!


So, when did YouTube do a jiggle around and remove their public reporting of which URLs brought in which levels of video views?


Documentary on how UK games coders formed an important part of a now-Global industry. A formative period of my life -> @FromBedrooms


Is it just a coincidence that the 'rebirth' of vinyl has albums priced at 20+ quid, just as rip-off CDs were back in the day?