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Words and aims of @LabourDigital Number One in Digital sound right. What would actually be delivered, post lobbying, is key


@LabourDigital Number One in Digital report: A digital Magna Carta to define citizens’ digital rights. Music to my (and many others) ears


Lots of appeal to many in @LabourDigital Number One in Digital report:


At last, a progressive view of what tech in UK should be. @LabourDigital report worth a read. I've just skimmed 1st few pages,seems ontarget


Labour Digital's Number One in Digital report: Targeting 1Gbps connections; Whole UK => 3G speeds; Blanket WiFi on transport; Net Neutrality


Well I guess it is called , not


23 Questions to @metpoliceuk on use of RIPA against journalists without tracability. Answers from B H-H? Zero


No shock to learn/see that if you drop an iPhone 6/Plus, it's screen will shatter


@democlub - Darn! Have only just seen your unconference (June past). Would love to stay in the loop with progress for GE 2015


Yes Folks, 225 days to the General election in the UK. Let @DaysToElection show you the countdown.