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A re-born blogger?


I love the independence of @BBCRD - They've built an Archers Avoider!


.@BBCRD Idea:Listening @BBC6Music (eg), be able to click 'Don't like track', another track plays, but returns to broadcast for presenter


Gnip: Social Media Monitoring - The underlying tool that the social media monitoring companies use. Owned by Twitter


My general rule to a happy @Wordpress life. Never upgrade to a version x.0, there's always a x.01 to follow shortly. Proven again with 4.01


What are you doing for the next ten hours? Lama song?


You're doing something right when =>1 political party constantly refers to 'an online site' instead of your publication name!


So, when did YouTube do a jiggle around and remove their public reporting of which URLs brought in which levels of video views?


Documentary on how UK games coders formed an important part of a now-Global industry. A formative period of my life -> @FromBedrooms


Is it just a coincidence that the 'rebirth' of vinyl has albums priced at 20+ quid, just as rip-off CDs were back in the day?


Need to find time to thoroughly read @LabourDigital Number One in Digital report. Check headlines meet the detail and assess viability