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News Rewired Dec 2015: Additional notes

1 min read

I'm presenting at's News Rewired tomorrow.

Here are some notes to accompany the presentation.

All our (OnTheWight) historic JSA reporting

Netflix reporting questioned

Netflix stock had 7:1 stock split

Reports questioning if algorithm got confused


Gnip: Social Media Monitoring - The underlying tool that the social media monitoring companies use. Owned by Twitter


What are you doing for the next ten hours? Lama song?


No shock to learn/see that if you drop an iPhone 6/Plus, it's screen will shatter


Want to check how your DNS IP change is getting on (through propagation)? &


Great detailed breakdown of what goes into a making a can of Coke - and their origin


Sony pitch in a more interesting style of Glass wearable in to the arena


Moto 360. About the best looking Smart Watch I've seen so far


Just found paper I presented at IBC 2001. It's rather-grandly titled The future of Broadband. It's aged surprisingly well