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Crowd-funding #hyperlocal: Considering the funder's 'Entitlement' question

2 min read

I saw BrixtonBlog's Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign today. 

I think they've hit exactly the right note  - especially liked the tone and cut of the video.

Wishing them very best with it. 

I'm not wanting to cast a shadow over it in any way, as I know they do good work.

The Entitlement question

It does raise what I think might be an interesting discussion point - a point that Sally had brought up about crowd-funding, when we'd been discussing at OnTheWight - How much entitlement might those who donate feel that they have over the publication?

Our (frankly rather strange) experience in the past has pointed to this as a possibility. It's happened a few times - by individuals or a business or two.

One real-world example

One case - an individual had given us a tenner (yes you read that right), then started to write to us attempting to steer our editorial policy, feeling he had the right as he was 'supporting' us. He had, to that point (and since, mostly), seemed quite a sane and reasonable person.

Obviously he had chance in directing us, but to underline the point we took the decision to refund his money.

Cross-fingers this won't happen with BrixtonBlog, but for hyperlocals it worth considering how can this be avoided and planned around.


Auto-ageing your Profile Pic (PP) to be more honest

2 min read

Current version of the Profile Pic (PP) I use everywhere was taken about 9-10 years ago. I was going to keynote at Broadcast Asia and they need a recent shot of me, so dashed out of the house to take this.

That's the problem with it - it's of a more youthful me. It would, of course, be wonderful if that many years hadn't passed and I was still fresh(ish) faced, but that's not reality.

That accepted - What to do? Shock people into the current realities of my now-matured faced? 

I suspect many people are in the same position of their PP being of a far more youthful self - and in the same way of holding on to a rising balloon (or in this case, perhaps sagging) - every week that goes by, letting go becomes harder.

How about this? - A service that takes your youthful PP and your far more honest, this-is-what-I-look-like-now PP, and carries our some Tweening. This series of images would then automatically gradually be updated to your various profiles over six month, bring your public likeness nearly up to date - thus avoiding the shock for your followers of you suddenly ageing overnight.


Returning to blogging - after nearly 10 years

2 min read

It's been many years since I last wrote on my own Blog.

Like many, in the early Web days I originally had site that I used to note things of interest down on, using HTML. As tools became available to remove that inconvenience, I adopted MovableType, running on my own server, shortly after it became available in" target="_blank">November 2001.

After over six years of pumping content it (Broadly my Dreams, Hopes and Desires, as the blog was called), tragedy struck. A series of errors led to my hosting company deleting all of my six years of posts (Yes, of course I know I should have had my own copy).

The experience of losing something that I had put so much of myself into was so traumatic I couldn't think of starting my own thing again - Until now.

I'm passionately interested in what's (re?)-developing with the IndieWeb movement (Some background). It really brings back memories of the excitement and passion that the nascent years of the Web had. Your content, under your own control - Just as it should be.

This is a long-winded way of me saying, after getting on for a ten year break, I think I'm ready to give personal blogging another go.

What tipped me over the edge again was seeing Kevin Marks talk about Known, me closely identifying with the ethos (Discussed on Leo Laporte's Twit) of Known's founders (Ben Werdmüller and Erin Jo Richey), loving the simplicity of their platform and the direction they say they're going to take it in.

I'm unsure how long, or how committed I'll be to regular posts, but it will be good to have the chance to write personal thoughts beyond a 140char limit.

And yes, I will be taking backups this time.