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Twitter's @Fabric looks like an interesting shift: Attempting to own Mobile

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(Summary of my Tweets, plus a bit)

Big strategic shift for Twitter. How they hope to become the Fabric of all Mobile Apps by giving easy to use tools to developers.

Twitter's @Fabric four areas: Mobile Analytics, Ads and Twitter function. Actually creates code in Android development.

Also Digits - Sign up for any mobile app using your phone number, not your email. Helpful overseas where many don't have email.

All of the tools are free, with the obvious upside for Twitter - Dollars from MoPub ads and loads of mobile analytics data.

Challenge: Rebuilding trust of developers

Of course, one of the biggest challenge for Twitter and is to regain developer trust - shattered by Twitter previously by getting them to develop Apps to help Twitter grown, then to launch their own to crush developer's work.

More info on Twitter's @Fabric

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