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Local news groups centralising editorial enabled #Hyperlocal to get a foothold in the UK

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Tim Bourne (a friend and past colleague) raises the question of local news being decimated in the UK. Interesting points brought up on his recent personal experience.

Here's my response/take on it

I think the address of the Ealing Gazette's editorial office says it all Tim - It's 8.5 miles away, in middle of Hammersmith. That's not a local paper. That's a team trying to gather together goodness knows how many papers spread around a wide area, away from where they actually are.

It's past management decisions to centralise editorial to increase profits that enabled Hyperlocal news to flourish in the UK in the first place. Hyperlocal news providers are based in the community.

Agreed income have been hit by classified revenue loss, but past withdraw of editorial away from the areas they cover started the rot.

(Thanks for kind words about OnTheWight BTW)