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Crowd-funding #hyperlocal: Considering the funder's 'Entitlement' question

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I saw BrixtonBlog's Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign today. 

I think they've hit exactly the right note  - especially liked the tone and cut of the video.

Wishing them very best with it. 

I'm not wanting to cast a shadow over it in any way, as I know they do good work.

The Entitlement question

It does raise what I think might be an interesting discussion point - a point that Sally had brought up about crowd-funding, when we'd been discussing at OnTheWight - How much entitlement might those who donate feel that they have over the publication?

Our (frankly rather strange) experience in the past has pointed to this as a possibility. It's happened a few times - by individuals or a business or two.

One real-world example

One case - an individual had given us a tenner (yes you read that right), then started to write to us attempting to steer our editorial policy, feeling he had the right as he was 'supporting' us. He had, to that point (and since, mostly), seemed quite a sane and reasonable person.

Obviously he had chance in directing us, but to underline the point we took the decision to refund his money.

Cross-fingers this won't happen with BrixtonBlog, but for hyperlocals it worth considering how can this be avoided and planned around.